Medical & Politics

First thing first.. I don’t particularly like to get political or what not on this blog since it’s supposed to be about lil squishy’s accomplisments and surgeries and the wonderful progress he makes.. However, this is something that has been bothering me quite a bit lately..

The whole “Obamacare” thing going on that everyone is having such issues with. First and foremost I believe all citizens have a right to basic health care. Also I’d also like to say I am the first to agree that not all of the “Obamacare” is perfect, but you I’d like people to understand from my point of view that it’s not all bad.

Did you know that if it weren’t for “Obamacare” that my son could be denied medical services from insurance companies because he has a pre-exisiting condition? Heck even I could be denied on the account that I have allergy induced asthma even though I rarely ever need my inhaler.  Did you also know that most insurance companies have a “lifetime” cap that with “Obamacare” is now removed so that you won’t end up getting denied services through them? Do you have any idea how expensive equipment is and surgeries are? Yes I am aware that things are overly priced and believe me I know. I do look at our insurance statements and itemized bills and think WTF why does that shot cost so much so please don’t lecture me on the cost of things.

I am also aware that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s fine, but my son is worth every bit as much as everyone else and deserves to get the care he needs and not have to worry about things like life time caps or being descrimated against because he was born with a condition.  I get that many people have a problem with parts of the “Obamacare” but calling the whole thing crap is wrong especially when you take issue with only a few things in it. I’m not saying this to debate anyone but really just trying to make it so that people are aware that even some of those closest to you are affected by “Obamacare” and not necessarily in a bad way.  Please keep that in mind when you bash the whole of something just because you have a problem with some of the individual parts.


~ by Nerdygeekyparent on 18 July 12.

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