2013 or the 1950’s

Many of you know that I don’t generally break the progress of my son to yell/scream/discuss things that are to do with other than his progress so I hope you all realize how much the matters.

Those of us who have children with special needs or know someone close to us or they themselves have special needs know of our countries dark past of when people with disabilities, handicaps or any discernable differences from the “norm” were put into institutions. It just wasn’t commonly thought that they should be at home being taken care of by family and allowed to grow just as the “normal” people did. It was that something that was lurking in the “skeleton closets” of homes around the country. However, we have come a long way in that thinking, but we still seem to be getting stuck and hung up on some things.

Our beautiful and lovely friend Bonnie, who also has AMC (arthrogryposis) but is affected differently, has been kicked to the curb at her school and is no longer allowed to eat her lunch on campus. Why you may ask? Well because Bonnie eats by g-tube.  This came about by some policy change by the school district. Click here for the story. Bonnie’s school has been wonderful to her for over 3 years according to her mom and they are trying to understand why they think this change is ok. I won’t even pretend to understand the reason for the policy change. Bonnie is not fed a “normal” g-tube diet. She does not exsist on the formula that they use for most people with g-tubes. Bonnie is fed real food in her tube which is refered to a BD or Blended Diet. This means she gets to have real food through her tube. For more information on BD or if you are on facebook. I also won’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of a BD for a g-tube. However, I do know that were I put into a situation that required myself or one of my children were to require a g-tube I would prefer that we were having real food via a BD and not the formula. I would also expect support and not opposition in that choice.

Here is Beverly showing how they feed Bonnie.  A group showing support and love for Bonnie and her way of eating.

I’ve been sick over the way Bonnie has been cast aside like this. I have had the luxury of stepping aside when it gets too much to handle having to think of how she is being treated. Her mother, Beverly, has not been able to do the same. She is trying to let Bonnie be a kid and that includes her social time at lunch. We need to start remembering that we are all human beings first and foremost. Everyone should be treated as such.

Please consider signing your name to the petition and please share this story with others.


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  1. Sweet thank you!

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