June 30th is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day

So June 30th is Arthrogryposis Awareness Day. It is the day that the founder of AMCSI was able to get everything together. In case you’ve been living under a rock ūüėČ or you have some how stumbled upon this page that is what my lil squishy was born with. It means he has crooked joints. He was born with crooked wrists (which made it look like he was missing a hand), his fingers and thumb were in his palm, his arms were stick straight, his knees were straight but able to bend (though they bend as well as typical knees now) he also had bilateral clubbed feet, his left foot was caught in an amniotic band and that caused him to not have toes on that foot, he also has¬†an unusual left hip. It is not a typical ball-socket joint but it is still in it’s socket. Through lots of physical therapy, occupational therapy, casting, splinting, surgery and a little speech therapy, he’s just a typical¬†5 year old. He wears AFO’s on his feet with shoes, but at home walks around with out them. He also has a kaye walker for safety at school. When it’s rainy/snowy and walking into the school it’s used to keep everyone from knocking him down (small children are not known for being careful or slow) or slipping.

If you want to have more information or support this group please visit http://www.amcsupport.org/ 


~ by Nerdygeekyparent on 15 June 13.

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